Online Buyers Beware

November 21, 2009

When shopping for airline tickets, travel packages, and cruises online, be sure to study the prices closely, as many online sites lure you in with low base rates. However, when you go to purchase, you find a much higher price tag because of taxes,security fees, fuel surcharges etc… that don’t appear until the end of the booking process. For example, one online site advertises LAX-London for $199. But that is a one-way fare based on roundtrip purchase, so the price is really $398.  Still pretty good, until you add on the $415 of government taxes, security, and supplemental fees. So that $199 advertised rate is going to set you back $813 when all is said and done.
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Holiday Travel No Great Gift

October 6, 2009

Higher fares, crowded planes, uncertain weather, exposure to germs, make staying home for the holidays much more appealing. But if you must travel, here is a good article to prepare for your trip even if it is from MSNBC

Also if you haven’t yet made your arrangements, you are probably jumping into the game too late, but give us a call and we will help guide you to the best value.

New Airline Requirements

October 6, 2009

Airlines are now being required by Homeland Security to obtain each passengers full name, gender, and date of birth. When exactly these requirements will be fully implemented is unclear, but as you book future air travel, be prepared to provide these.

The Travel Agent vs The Internet

October 6, 2009

This is great article to read as you shop online for travel

Traveling a Different Route

October 6, 2009

Because of the expense and effort of maintaining an effective travel web-site, I have decided to switch to a blog format. It’s not as pretty, but I think it can be just as effective in getting out the messages about travel trends, airline happenings, hot deals, and other relevant travel information.
So to start I want to share about a recent trip I returned from, and what is happening right now in the ever changing travel world.
I had the privilege of traveling to Tutwiler, Mississippi to participate in a Habitat for Humanity project that was headed up by my longtime friend Bob McGlashan. Bob led a group of about 25 high-schoolers,and a half dozen adults from La Canada, CA, a very upscale community near LA to build a house in Tutwiler, one of the poorest cities in the country.

It was so cool to these kids give up their cushy lifestyle for a week, spend each day working at building a home for a needy family. Even cooler was the way they embraced and were embraced by the people in the community. Skin color, social standing, and economic status were ignored as neighborhood kids came over and played with the LC kids, adults from nearby homes came over to pound nails or haul away scrap wood, and as Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney sang, “ebony and ivory came together in perfect harmony.”

While cruises are great, and Hawaii is wonderful, I think everyone should travel on a humanitarian/service project at least once in a lifetime.  There are so many needs in our world; hungry families, aids babies, people dying because of tainted water,  areas hit by natural disasters, and orphans needing love.  You may not come back as rested, but you will come back fulfilled.

That is where the heart of JB’s Journeys is, in providing affordable, convenient travel to groups and individuals serving others on short term missions, humanitarian and service trips.  Over the years we have helped get people to all corners of the world to places like Ukraine, Panama, Brazil, Rwanda, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, and many others.  So if you are looking at taking a group, joining a group or traveling as an individual, we will work hard to get you the best deal, so you can focus on serving.

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Another incentive to get involved in a humanitarian or service project, is that Disney is offering a free day in one of its parks in 2010 to anyone who volunteers to give a day of community/humanitarian service.

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Something to consider when shopping for travel